February 06, 2015

Brian Farley Memorial - Eastern Creek Karts

It's a weekend full of racing. GT cars will be circling Bathurst for the 12 Hour endurance race, the V8 Supercars have their Supertest on at Sydney Motorsport Park and just around the corner at Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway, karters of all ages gather for the Brian Farley Memorial, an event held by Karting New South Wales. Although it's a relatively smaller event, the competition is just as fierce as racers of all ages return from their holiday break to compete in the opening event of the year. You can read up more about the event over at Karting NSW's website.

I was fortunate enough to have an early start today, which meant an early finish so I was able to take out my camera for a bit of practice while the karters got on with their practice sessions. Unfortunately I don't follow the race series closely enough to know who's who but I did have a great time watching these guys put down lap after lap. I can't wait to catch the race this Sunday!



















February 04, 2015

Melbourne 2015

On an early Saturday morning our alarms went off and all we wanted to do was stay in bed but we couldn't. We had a flight to catch so we could spend the next few days in Melbourne for our seven year anniversary.

We arrived at the airport and went through the standard checkpoints for our flights without a hitch. An hour or so later and a pretty rough landing we were in Mexico! I mean Melbourne. It's been 4 years since we last visited and it was such a refreshing getaway.

I instantly fell in love with the place; the people, the shops, the atmosphere. It was just all so chilled and laid back, the complete opposite to Sydney. Honestly, I think Melbourne is the Osaka of Australia. I now am thinking of moving to Melbourne, we'll just have to wait and see if I can score a job down there and I think that's all it will take for me to make the move. But that's something Future-Steven can worry about.

For now just enjoy some of the photos I took when I was down there courtesy of my iPhone 4S.











January 19, 2015

JDM Yard Track Day - 19.01.15

Recently I picked up a couple of new lenses off a mate to try and motivate myself to use my camera more and I guess it worked. Took the Tamron 70-300mm out to Wakefield today for JDM Yard's private track day and even though it was cold and windy, I braved it (for a tiny bit) to get some (not many) photos.







January 09, 2015


I now drink whisky and this is Nikka Whisky From The Barrel (NWFTB).

It all started with Jack Daniels many moons ago, I began to substitute beers for JD and coke every time I was out with friends. It slowly moved onto Makers Mark both mixed and on the rocks then for a period of time I was all about scotch and cokes but I still wasn't a massive whisky fan. I mean sure, I liked drinking it but I was not trained in the dark arts of whisky (yes, that's a Star Wars pun), I just liked drinking something instead of beer as I usually get really bloated. It was when I got introduced to an Old Fashioned that things changed. I was hooked and would order one at every bar I went to and it became my way of determining how good a bar/bartender was depending on how nice their Old Fashioned tasted.

I then started talking whisky with mates that had much more experience than myself and I started to learn. Once I had a basic understanding I went all out, drinking as much whisky as I could and for some reason I find myself enjoying Japanese whisky the most. While in Japan all I drank were either Whisky Highballs or just whisky on the rocks, from mini Yamazaki bottles from the konbini (convenience store) or a Hibiki tasting set at Zoetrope, the award winning whisky bar in Shinjuku, Japan.

A friend even hinted at the idea that I start a whisky blog but I have troubles keeping this blog filled with content so after one and half glasses of NWFTB I whipped out my camera and this is what I ended up with. So I guess when I start drinking and feeling creative I'll throw it up here with a story to share with you all.

January 06, 2015

Twenty Fifteen

Holy shit! It's 2015 already.

No point getting all sentimental but let's do a quick review of 2014 and look ahead into 2015.

Uni - It's no more, I graduated with two degrees and now it's all over. I do miss it, all the free time and how chilled it was. I don't miss being poor though so let's move onto employment.

Employment - Had a job, went on holidays then lost the job. I was unemployed for a bit but now I'm working at Eastern Creek Karts (closest thing to a dream job). Love every moment of it and it's the first time I've ever woken up and I actually look forward to going to work. But there's no progression/future there so I'll be applying for a few graduate positions that'll be opening up in 2015 and we'll see how that goes. Unless I can convince management to give me a permanent role there.

Kendo - It's also no more (for now). Decided to take a sabbatical from it. It was just getting a bit too much so I've pulled the plug on it and only time will tell if I get back into it or not. I really want to push for the 2018 WKC but I just don't have enough time to commit to it fully.

Cars - Kim's CRX has been resprayed with the EF8 front end swap, still no engine swap yet but it'll be getting one soon. No B16A here though, it'll just get a fresh D16A8 dropped and keep it running sweet as a daily. It also won Best Paint at JDM Yard's Honda Showoff thanks to Mowads' Smash in West Ryde. My CRX didn't get boosted in 2014 since I put it all on hold for a massive trip to Japan in October. But rest assured, it WILL get boosted this year, my ETA is 3 months from now. We still have our spare CRX sitting in our garage but I'm hoping to get rid of that soon so I can make more space in the garage to work on other shit.

Personal Projects - I managed to get Karts & Kebabs off the ground and we're finishing off our final round in February. We managed to get 8 competitors for the first series and it's been going great. 2015 will mean bigger and better things with more races and hopefully more competitors joining. I also plan on taking more photos this year, I hardly touched my camera last year so to get into the swing of things I recently purchased a couple of new lenses and attend more events this year. 

December 29, 2014

Honda Collection Hall - Twin Ring Motegi

A few months ago we embarked on a journey to the land of the rising sun and one of the highlights from the trip was visiting the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi. I was being the ultimate fan boy marvelling over everything Honda from a super clean Honda City (accompanied with a Motocomp of course) with less than 100km on the odometer to Tsuchiya's JTGC NSX. It got even better when it transitioned to the Formula 1 section of the museum. I present to you my photos from the Honda Collection Hall.