January 19, 2015

JDM Yard Track Day - 19.01.15

Recently I picked up a couple of new lenses off a mate to try and motivate myself to use my camera more and I guess it worked. Took the Tamron 70-300mm out to Wakefield today for JDM Yard's private track day and even though it was cold and windy, I braved it (for a tiny bit) to get some (not many) photos.







January 09, 2015


I now drink whisky and this is Nikka Whisky From The Barrel (NWFTB).

It all started with Jack Daniels many moons ago, I began to substitute beers for JD and coke every time I was out with friends. It slowly moved onto Makers Mark both mixed and on the rocks then for a period of time I was all about scotch and cokes but I still wasn't a massive whisky fan. I mean sure, I liked drinking it but I was not trained in the dark arts of whisky (yes, that's a Star Wars pun), I just liked drinking something instead of beer as I usually get really bloated. It was when I got introduced to an Old Fashioned that things changed. I was hooked and would order one at every bar I went to and it became my way of determining how good a bar/bartender was depending on how nice their Old Fashioned tasted.

I then started talking whisky with mates that had much more experience than myself and I started to learn. Once I had a basic understanding I went all out, drinking as much whisky as I could and for some reason I find myself enjoying Japanese whisky the most. While in Japan all I drank were either Whisky Highballs or just whisky on the rocks, from mini Yamazaki bottles from the konbini (convenience store) or a Hibiki tasting set at Zoetrope, the award winning whisky bar in Shinjuku, Japan.

A friend even hinted at the idea that I start a whisky blog but I have troubles keeping this blog filled with content so after one and half glasses of NWFTB I whipped out my camera and this is what I ended up with. So I guess when I start drinking and feeling creative I'll throw it up here with a story to share with you all.

January 06, 2015

Twenty Fifteen

Holy shit! It's 2015 already.

No point getting all sentimental but let's do a quick review of 2014 and look ahead into 2015.

Uni - It's no more, I graduated with two degrees and now it's all over. I do miss it, all the free time and how chilled it was. I don't miss being poor though so let's move onto employment.

Employment - Had a job, went on holidays then lost the job. I was unemployed for a bit but now I'm working at Eastern Creek Karts (closest thing to a dream job). Love every moment of it and it's the first time I've ever woken up and I actually look forward to going to work. But there's no progression/future there so I'll be applying for a few graduate positions that'll be opening up in 2015 and we'll see how that goes. Unless I can convince management to give me a permanent role there.

Kendo - It's also no more (for now). Decided to take a sabbatical from it. It was just getting a bit too much so I've pulled the plug on it and only time will tell if I get back into it or not. I really want to push for the 2018 WKC but I just don't have enough time to commit to it fully.

Cars - Kim's CRX has been resprayed with the EF8 front end swap, still no engine swap yet but it'll be getting one soon. No B16A here though, it'll just get a fresh D16A8 dropped and keep it running sweet as a daily. It also won Best Paint at JDM Yard's Honda Showoff thanks to Mowads' Smash in West Ryde. My CRX didn't get boosted in 2014 since I put it all on hold for a massive trip to Japan in October. But rest assured, it WILL get boosted this year, my ETA is 3 months from now. We still have our spare CRX sitting in our garage but I'm hoping to get rid of that soon so I can make more space in the garage to work on other shit.

Personal Projects - I managed to get Karts & Kebabs off the ground and we're finishing off our final round in February. We managed to get 8 competitors for the first series and it's been going great. 2015 will mean bigger and better things with more races and hopefully more competitors joining. I also plan on taking more photos this year, I hardly touched my camera last year so to get into the swing of things I recently purchased a couple of new lenses and attend more events this year. 

December 29, 2014

Honda Collection Hall - Twin Ring Motegi

A few months ago we embarked on a journey to the land of the rising sun and one of the highlights from the trip was visiting the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi. I was being the ultimate fan boy marvelling over everything Honda from a super clean Honda City (accompanied with a Motocomp of course) with less than 100km on the odometer to Tsuchiya's JTGC NSX. It got even better when it transitioned to the Formula 1 section of the museum. I present to you my photos from the Honda Collection Hall.



























December 28, 2014

Toyota Corolla Levin - UJ31IY

My mate's old Levin shot on 35mm film with a Canon T90.